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September 2020: Tips, eNews & More!


As summer comes to a close, there's no reason to expect bad weather just yet. Take this time to savour the warm days, chilly nights, and beautiful sunsets. There's a lot to do during this time of the year: backyard barbecues to plan, basketball games to watch, and prepping your kids for what's likely to be an unusual school year. Don't forget to book their regular check-up (and yours) before life gets busier with the homework and at-home teaching that's approaching.

Of course, your health and wellness are important, so don't forget to take care of yourself. Check out our article below on common tooth sensitivity. We want to keep you informed and health risk-free! We hope you're enjoying the last few weeks of summer fun. Stay safe and enjoy the cooling weather.


Neil Hahn D.D.S. and the High Park Dental Care Team

Do you have sensitive teeth?

Common tooth sensitivity – also referred to as dentin hypersensitivity – is a fairly frequent problem. It can be triggered by hot or cold temperatures, sweet or acidic foods and beverages, and in more extreme cases even by mouth breathing. Tooth sensitivity is characterized by sharp, sudden and deep pain of the teeth. If you suffer from tooth sensitivity see us for an assessment. There is treatment available and we will differentiate between other causes of tooth sensitivity such as tooth decay or dental nerve problems.

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Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo Recipe

Back-to-school is coming soon in some form, whether you or your kids like it or not. With the uncertainty of the pandemic still looming in our future, your kids might be studying from home or social distancing at school. Regardless, we have selected a recipe to help your young geniuses feel energized for their school week with minimal effort! This recipe is easy to make and perfect for weeknight meals or to pack as a school lunch.

Check Out The Recipe!

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