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June 2020: Preparing to serve you safely!

As the weeks pass by, we've seen progress being made in regards to COVID-19. Restrictions are being lessened and businesses are starting to reopen, albeit with greater precautions.

As you may already know, our office is now open for both essential and non-essential treatments. We have and will continue to work hard to maintain the safety standards in accordance with our dental colleges and public health guidelines. Please visit our website to learn more about how we are keeping you safe during your dental visits.

As the weather is getting warmer, you may be tempted to spend more time outdoors with family and friends. However, it's important to continue following social distancing guidelines. Remember to keep your groups small, maintain distance from others whenever possible and wear a mask when distancing is difficult. Here are some outdoor activities you can do while minding health guidelines

  • Have a picnic
  • Take a walk
  • Go to a local park or the beach.
  • Play an appropriate outdoor sport with a small group of friends
  • Read a book outdoors
  • Set up lounge chairs in your backyard and enjoy the sun!

With your continued efforts, we will continue to flatten the curve and expedite the return to normal. Our thoughts are with you, your family, and your friends as we continue to tackle these unprecedented times together.


Neil Hahn D.D.S. and the High Park Dental Care Team

We Are Committed To Everyone's Safety

It's important to note the care and strict guidelines dental offices have always taken due to the nature of our work.

There are several steps that we are taking in order to make the transition back to reopen as safe, smooth and comfortable as possible. Even though you may see some procedural changes, our commitment to you stays the same. We continue to offer you professional, modern, comprehensive dentistry that you have come to know and trust.

Click here to see some of the addtional precautions we are taking

Blueberry Coconut Oatmeal Pudding

As days become longer during the summer, it's important we are all getting enough nutrients and calories that our bodies need to conquer the day! This recipe is quick and simple, packed with nutrients and healthy sweeteners to keep you energized in the morning. It has been suggested that blueberries do not promote tooth decay. While oatmeal has beneficial vitamins, fibers, minerals and antioxidants; as a bonus, they're gluten free!

Check Out The Recipe!

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