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July 2012 - eNews, Tips, and More!

We Hope You Enjoyed Your Canada Day Long Weekend!
Canada Day gives us time to reflect on what a remarkable country we live in. Our country is free and democratic and protects the rights of its inhabitants. Canada is the second largest country in the world by land mass, has the world's longest coastlines, and boasts one of the highest standards of living.

Did you know that we officially became a country in 1867 and the final step in our independence took place in 1982? Take a moment to read up on some Canadian facts today: you will be amazed!

BBQ season is well underway, and social network photo albums are filling up with smiling faces. If you want to bring out the best in your smile for the summer, request an appointment today. There are still plenty of photo opportunities ahead!

For the Health of it!
While being active, wearing sunscreen, and staying hydrated are important summer tips, we would like to add one more to your summer mantra. 'Think before you drink!' In our case we are talking about the consumption of 'sugary drinks' such as sodas, colas and juice 'cocktails'. If you enjoy the occasional 'sugary drink', here are some tips to limit the damage to your teeth:

  • Try the sugar free versions ( the non sugar sweeteners do not "feed" bacteria that cause tooth decay, although acidity can still damage tooth enamel).
  • Drink your 'sugary drink' during a meal (the extra saliva flow will reduce decalcification).
  • Drink through a straw to minimize contact with teeth.
  • When you are finished, rinse your mouth, then follow up with some plain water.
  • Most importantly, limit your 'sugary drink' consumption.
Remember that once it passes through your teeth, the rest of your body has to deal with it and that's a whole other story.

Have a great month,

Neil Hahn D.D.S. and
the High Park Dental Care Team

Energy Drinks and Your Oral Health

Many of us have come to rely on energy drinks for an extra boost but have you considered their effect on your smile?
These drinks can be very damaging to tooth enamel due to their ability to decalcify (or dissolve) the enamel, which is critical for maintaining the strength of the tooth.

What are the dental risks associated with energy drinks?

Most energy drinks have the same disadvantages of any sugary drink (see above). Many have very high levels of sugar that increase bacterial attack on the teeth as well as very high levels of corrosive acids. These acids leach minerals out of your tooth's enamel. Enamel is the cover that protects the visible part of your teeth. Once your enamel is gone it does not regenerate. These problems are heightened for children and adolescents because newly erupted teeth are not fully matured and therefore not as resistant to these acid attacks. As with sugary drinks many energy drinks are nutritionally poor but many also have stimulants like caffeine that may increase heart rate and blood pressure as well as other systemic effects.

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Coconut Mango Non-Dairy "Ice Cream"

Summer = Ice Cream? or Does It?
While ice cream offers one option for a delicious frozen treat, is it really ice cream you want? If you read the labels of many commercial "ice creams," dairy/cream components seem to be lower on the list of ingredients than cheaper artificial or 'natural' additives. The calorie-per-serving count of many dairy-based ice creams is often enough to make us rethink our craving.

It is Summer! There is no need to deprive yourself of a frozen delight. Perhaps it is just time to consider a healthier frozen treat for the more sophisticated palate!

Click here for the recipe.

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