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April 2015 - Tips, eNews and More

Spring is in the air!

The sun is staying out longer and longer, and the days are getting warmer and warmer - finally! The return of summer seems to elicit more frequent smiles along with the opportunity for outdoor get-togethers with friends and family.

In your preparation for spring and summer, don't neglect your oral health. If your smile has lost some luster over the years, we can help! Ask us about the available options for straightening, brightening and enhancing your smile.

April is Oral Health Month

Oral health is directly related to your overall health. Studies suggest links between poor oral health and diabetes and respiratory problems. Possible associations have been suggested to heart disease and other ailments. This is in addition to the discomfort and loss of self esteem associated with damage and loss of teeth. Regular dental cleanings and examinations at an interval appropriate for you are very important. In addition to dental cleaning we will also:
  • examine your teeth and gums
  • check for potential warning signs of oral cancer and other serious conditions
  • note any irregularities in your bite, saliva and temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
  • provide you with tips for maintaining good oral hygiene between appointments

If you are overdue for a check-up, give us a call today or click here to request an appointment.

Until next month, stay warm and keep smiling,

Neil Hahn D.D.S. and the High Park Dental Care Team

Congratulations to our Survey Winner!


We would like to thank everyone who participated in our annual dental survey. We hope that these answers can help us improve our services and overall patient satisfaction.

We would also like to extend a big congratulations to Bill G, who has won a FREE bleaching treatment! Please contact the office to claim your prize.

*The prize is transferable.

Whiten Your Smile!

Recent self improvement programs have sparked immense interest in teeth whitening as a means of bringing out the shine in your smile.

Reason for Tooth Discolouration include:
  • Drinking coffee, tea, wine or soft drinks stains teeth
  • Natural aging - The dentin underneath the enamel of a tooth darkens
  • Smoking or any tobacco use stains teeth
  • Accidents - a dead nerve will darken a tooth
  • Root Canal Therapy

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Malaysian Mango Chicken Curry

Try this delicious and healthy dish next time you're looking to make something great with chicken.

Unlike other sweet-sauced chicken dishes, like Sweet and Sour Chicken and Orange Chicken, stir-fried Mango chicken does not use any frying batter. Try it when you are in the mood for something light and tangy.

Click here for the full recipe!

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